Why Farrago?


Since 2003, Farrago has merged past and present by fusing exquisite materials and traditional crafts with contemporary design. Founded in New York City by Reeta Gyamlani with Arthur and Rita Ermelino, Farrago’s home décor collection features mesmerizing inlays, natural minerals and sculpted metals.

Originally from Bombay/Mumbai, India, Reeta moved to New York City to earn her Master’s in Furniture Design and Design Management at Pratt Institute after obtaining her B.A. in Interior Design and Economics in India. In classic New York style, she found kindred spirits and family in her landlord Arthur Ermelino and his wife Rita who shared a passion for quality craftsmanship and design. That bond led Reeta to invite the Ermelinos to embark on her journey to create Farrago.

Reeta has been producing with the same Rajasthani family of craftspeople for the last two decades. This particular family has passed down the traditional craft of inlayed furniture for five generations, having been exclusively commissioned to create pieces for numerous royal palaces in India. Now through Farrago, they bring their time-honored craft into the modern world with newly interpreted, customized pieces.

Sadly, the Farrago family lost Arthur in 2009 to liver cancer but his fierce, uncompromising eye for design and integrity live on in every Farrago creation.