Reeta Gyamlani

Reeta Gyamlani


We’ve taken design, from its traditional and ancient roots, to the modern home.

Our artisanal process has refined both the beauty of the craft and also it's humanitarian impact, so that every piece tells its story.

The 1982 famine of Rajasthan, left both its people and its animals to starvation.  Tourism dropped dramatically, and the government was forced to turn to its citizens to repurpose what the calamity had left behind... the bones from camels, goats, and the like.  

Buttons, walking sticks, jewelry, door handles, all were being made out of bone. 

Reeta, being a designer, saw the beauty these materials brought with them and their potential to create timeless objects for the home.

Each piece immaculately refined, polished, and customized for a seamless transition to the modern home without losing the historical significance of its composition.

Designing furniture is just our bi-product of telling stories.  Our design process and our native artisans have already done the work of instilling each unique narrative through customization, form, material, and texture. 

Our pieces are no longer just a coffee table, or a lamp, they are the compiled parts of history and the human touch.